UEFA Assist Pic


Namibia Football Associtaion showing great willingness in kicking off football in the country after concluding a UEFA Assist Leadership Retreat.

The UEFA Assist programme contributes to the global development of football by working with UEFA’s five sister confederations AFC (Asia), CAF (Africa), CONCACAF (North and Central America), CONMEBOL (South America) and the OFC (New Zealand and South Pacific island nations) and their member associations.

It does this by sharing European knowledge and best practice and supporting countries whose players contribute so much to the beautiful game. The programme focuses on providing practical rather than financial input and offering support through development activities.

Assistance is provided to projects that are highly conducive to the development of football within the confederations and their member associations, which are strongly encouraged to work closely with other stakeholders (football organisations, sponsors, government, schools, local councils, etc.).

Learn more about the programme in a video clip and some media reports on a recently completed Leadership Retreat with the Namibian Football Association NFA.





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