vom sager zum  frager

Football is a highly chaotic game characterised by an incredibly complex variety of unpredictabilities and possibilities, and that is why being able to deal with the chance factor is of utmost importance- control is an illusion !

Given the complexity of the game, they can never be sure thether they will ever find the key to success in football. We seem to be light years away from knowing how football works and galaxies from knowing how success comes about. 

Football is characterised by its wealth of possibilities and immense degree of instability and unpredictability. We will never succeed in bringing the factor of chance totally under control. Instead we must attempt to bring some order into the chaos and remain open for what we cannot plan. We need to learn to cope with chance.

This books offers a systemic approach to chaos and selforganising processes in the game and focuses on the question to what extent is it possible to derive insights for coaching and training  from the theory of dynamic systems.

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