The Singapore International Youth Cup celebrates its 10-year of youth football excellence this November despite the challenges put up by Covid-19.

 Due to the Covid 19 pandemic the SingaCup is reinventing itself to present a hybrid 5 day event programme consisting of competitive esports tournaments, interviews and panel discussions with professional footballers and industry experts, competitions and music segments from local music celebrities.

The eSingaCup 2020 seeks to reaffirm its strong standing in the international grassroots football community and attract new fans and a greater audience, all the while showcasing Singapore and the event online.

It seeks to remain relevant during this time where all grassroots football events are cancelled and effectively out of the public conciousness. The eSingaCup strives to increase its profile and fan/ participant base ready for the re-opening of international borders and resumption of physical sports tournaments.


Singacup 2020


Click here to learn more about the event, how to register and get details about the schedule of Singacup 2020.



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